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a bright future

The first few hours of my July trip to Tanzania set a bad tone and showed that President Magulufi’s anti-corruption effort still had a long way to go. Travelers at the airport siphoned off to pay...
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annual wine sale

Wine merchants Okhuysen and Domaine Montlobre have sponsored the Happy Watoto Foundation for several years, and their annual sales campaign is a source of smiling faces on all sides. The people who buy...
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Happy Watoto

Happy Watoto gives orphans and children from deprived families hope for the future by providing:
  • a caring environment for those who have no safe home or basic care,
  • English-language education from pre-school up to vocational education,
  • support and guidance in finding a job or setting up an own business.
We offer children between the ages of 3 and 18 extended education, and help them to build an independent life. We have no selection at the gate process, meaning that every deprived child is welcome regardless of the intellectual abilities. Children start learning English very early on, and are given every opportunity to develop themselves independently through an extended school curriculum. The process involves individualised guidance for each child, by involving them closely in mapping out an education plan that suits their interests and capacities. At the heart of this is our conviction that helping these children to develop their talents will substantially improve their future prospects. Helping these children is our way of helping Tanzania to continue developing.
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Number of children helped

With the help of our donors and sponsors we have already been able to help 2,352 children to get a head start.
Your support can help us to continue expanding our activities.

2000  Official opening of our foundation
2001 Construction of the home in Kikatiti (phase I)
2002     Number of orphans increases from 15 to 40
2003 Support for two day care centres
Cooperation with Joyce Sagala’s Arumeru Women’s Support Group
2005 Registration of the NGO in Tanzania
2006 Expansion of the board
2007 Support for 30 Maasai primary schools
2008 Support for the Imbaseni water project
2009 Review of strategy and cooperation with Good Hope
2010 Start construction on Ngorika house and school (phase II)
2011 Inauguration of Ngorika primary school
2012 Start of vegetable gardens and sport fields
2013 Projects transition to African management
2014 Cooperation with secondary schools (phase III)
2015 Name change into Happy Watoto, Tanzanian homes & schools
2016 Next generation, two-headed new leadership, 
2017 CBF certification