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Matti Emondts
For 12 years  I've worked for Happy Watoto with great pleasure; as board member and 8 years as chairman of the foundation. During that period we have grown from a very small foundation with many ad hoc projects, to a foundation with a clear mission and vision and with a structured approach. An approach that does make the difference for underprivileged children!
The first children from the early years of the project who are now self-employed and at work, are great examples! During the 12 years I've got to know the country, the people and the children better and bette; my 32 trips to Tanzania were indeed hard work but always very satisfying and motivating. It is great to see the project managed now by two Tanzanians from "own" breeding. I have the priviledge to remain involved as ambassador of the foundation, providing a helping hand where needed!
Wim Smit
The purpose of my coaching programs in Tanzania, which I since 2011 annually give, was to obtain a synergy of East African insights, knowledge and culture and that of the Western world. Personally, I took the role of facilitator, sometimes told what theory or insight. To my surprise, there is a Swahili word for mwezeshaji. Read more in Wim's report about his activities for the foundation. Wim Smit, owner Wim Smit Verandermanagement BV and ambassador since 2010
Frans Bosch
For many years now I'm closely involved with the Friends of Tanzania foundation. I'm continiously impressed during each of my visits to Tanzania by what has been achieved so far. Although it requires more time, I find it appealing that the efforts are aiming to have the Tanzanians take-over the project over time. I like to contribute so that the foundation can continue their good work and built further on has been achieved. Frans Bosch,
managing director FFG-Properties B.V. and ambassador since 2007
Jan Priester
After nine years as treasurer for this foundation, it is difficult if not impossible to leave it all behind. Becoming ambassador is a way to keep the 'Happy Watoto-feeling' alive. That feeling translates into occasionally forgetting every day issues and wondering what it really means to a child from a broken family to make something of your life in a poor country like Tanzania. The answer is staight forward and initiatives such as Happy Watoto can make a difference. For countries like Tanzania to ever become independent, a carefree childhood and good education is important.

Can Happy Watoto play a role in this? Yeah, sure.
Does this means a commitment for years? Yes, of course!
With what result? Time will tell, but persistence will wins !
Daan Meyer
Who closely has seen what it means to grow up in a country like Tanzania in an environment where a child has no chances and is overlooked can only become deeply impressed by the loving and competent manner in which volunteers and staff provide the children in Kikatiti and Ngorika a beautiful youth and give them a ticket to the future. Touching are the cheerful children and the dedication with which teachers and matrons/patrons show them the way. Impressive is how directors and other volunteers with a strict 'zero personal incentive policy' to ensure that all resources are used for the benefit of the children. Drop in the (African) ocean? Maybe, but it's well worth it. owner of Meyer Consult and ambassador since 2008
Maarten Hagenaar
Happy Watoto serves everyone's support. The board and volunteers commit themselves selflessly to give "their" children a perspective by helping them to develop their talents. That to my mind is key: children, the leaders of the future developing. Children deserve our support, only they can achieve change. They supposed to decide how Tanzania will look in the future. Now we need to help them develop so they can carry this responsibility. As an ambassador of Happy Watoto I would like to help to shape the development of these children so that they can give the future of Tanzania direction in a later stage.
Matthijs van Schendelen
Following a great safari trip I spent two days at Kitatiti Happy Watoto Home which brought me back to earth. Clearly, there is a less attractive side to Tanzania as well. It was impressive to see how much a small foundation like Happy Watoto has accomplished here.

Although the children at Happy Watoto are well taken care of and can enjoy being children again, it is clear that they have been through a lot. It is wonderful to see how the carers interact with the children, and how much attention is paid to the individual. We definitely come back to share this experience with our own children. Matthijs van Schendelen, creative director at Pixelindustries and ambassador since 2009
Dick Molman
After three intensive years as chairman of Happy Watoto, it is with great pleasure to take on the role of ambassador now. Happy Watoto deserves to have many friends and sponsors. The project in Tanzania is simply very beautiful. Small-scale, but very targeted support for children who might not save it without our support. Dick Molman, former chairman of Happy Watoto
Derk ter Braak
As son of the founders of Happy Watoto, I have been involved from day 1 in the development of this great foundation. In the meantime, Happy Watoto is indispensable for the north of Tanzania and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time. That is not possible without the efforts of many volunteers or financial resources. After being on the board for many years, I am no longer involved in the daily operations, but I will never be able to let go in full. Therefore, I continue to contribute a (small) amount. Together with my father I started an annual wine promotion years ago (in close cooperation with wine merchant Okhuysen and domaine Montlobre). Of each bottle, € 1 goes to Happy Watoto. The great thing is that quality can not be denied and the number of bottles sold is still growing. For more information: With great pleasure and pride, I continue to help Happy Watoto! Derk ter Braak, former board member

What does an ambassadorship mean

Our Ambassadors are private sponsors who commit to a multi-year contribution of least € 5,000 a year. In addition, they are prepared to mobilize their own network and act as a sounding board for the management of the foundation. Many of them have visited the projects in Tanzania and have seen with their own eyes how the money is being spent. They form a loyal network of involved people who wholeheartedly support the work of our foundation. They have no managerial responsibilities but are prepared to make an active contribution from the sidelines.

Their involvement and the multi-year commitments are absolutely essential to our foundation. Every year we organize one or two Ambassadors Meetings in order to facilitate and expand this network. During these informal sessions our Ambassadors and their invited guests share their experiences and discuss new ideas for fundraising.

Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in becoming an ambassador.

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