anchored in the Tanzanian community


2020 was a challenging year for everyone. The COVID-19 crisis caused the world to come to a partial standstill and also affected us as an organisation. Our schools were temporarily closed and the organisation took many COVID-19 measures to make sure that the children and staff stayed safe. 
In addition, a number of sponsoring events were canceled, which means that we have put fundraising high on the agenda for the coming year. Due to the crisis, we have mainly focused on supporting the children and staff in these difficult times. Although 2020 was a very challenging year it has also provided some opportunities. 
Let’s first take a moment for a number of highlights from 2020:
  • By putting all our efforts together, we managed to help 155 children directly through our homes and school, Kikatiti and Ngorika. Another 166 local village children went to the Ngorika school. Moreover 86 children went to secondary school or followed vocational education. 
  • We celebrated the graduation of 40 of our children at Ngorika school. 
  • Certificates were awarded to 18 of our staff members who have been working at Happy Watoto for over 10 years. 
  • In 2020, we employed 69 local employees.
  • Digitalisation throughout the organisation was accelerated. We have received a sponsorship from Google For Nonprofits, which has resulted in free access to digital Workspaces for our staff. Several digital (board) meetings have been held with the team in Tanzania.
  • Thanks to a special donation we could purchase laptops for the children.    
  • Our sponsors provided additional donations to fund the COVID-19 measures and we started to implement a health monitoring system.
  • With the help of our sponsors we were able to provide new school uniforms and sport outfits. 
  • We established a partnership with Pamoja Nguvu foundation to provide the children who completed their vocational education with a loan and support, in order to set up their own business.

However, as proud as we are on the steps forward, we also realise that we still have a lot to do in an increasingly complex political and economic environment. In order to navigate successfully in this challenging world, our Dutch and Tanzanian boards have reviewed and strengthened our strategy for the coming years. 
Our mission remains to support underprivileged Tanzanian children with the aim of enabling them to make a valuable contribution to the future of Tanzania. Our goal areas will be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and will serve as a guide to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. In this report you can read more about our strategy. 
We realise that all these challenges and developments demand more from our organisation and our stakeholders. We therefore highly appreciate the commitment and passion of our staff members, our Tanzanian board members, our German partner GoodHope  for their dedication and contribution to our foundation. 

A special word of thanks goes to our sponsors whom we are very grateful for their trust, even in these difficult times. 

Asante sana, or thank you very much, on behalf of the entire board of the Happy Watoto Foundation,

Elise Lufting - Chair Happy Watoto Foundation