any amount, big or small, is welcome

How you can help

Multi-year sponsorship

Every donation, big or small, helps us to secure a better future for the children. Multi-year donations enable us to safeguard the continuity of our organisation so that the children can build a real life for themselves. Our status as a non-profit organisation means that donations qualify for favourable tax treatment in the Netherlands. Donations are exempted from endowment and inheritance tax, and multi-year donations are fully tax deductible for Dutch residents.

If you would like to support us for a period of at least five years, please fill out the attached document (donation proxy - in Dutch).

If you prefer to donate to a specific project, you may be more interested in one of the care packages or investment options described below. In that case just drop us a message with your preference.

Of course we welcome any donations made to our bankaccount IBAN: NL95ABNA0592137678 (account name: Stichting Happy Watoto).

Number of children helped


Annual care packages

Child Package 1


With this amount we can provide a child with all the necessary clothing during a school year: a school uniform, leisure clothes and a pair of shoes.
Total packages 350

Child Package 2


This concerns 50% of the school costs for a neighborhood child (books, uniforms and meals) at our primary school, where the parents contribute the other half.
Total packages 90

Child Package 3


With this amount, all costs for basic care for a year are covered. It concerns the costs for food, clothing and medical care for one of our children in Kikatiti.
Total packages 56

Child Package 4


This concerns the annual costs for education, clothing, room and board of the child being transferred to secondary school.

Child Package 5


For this amount we can provide and teach one child the entire kindergarten phase of three years.

Specific investment

Matrons & Patrons


Our Kikatiti children are under the care of our matrons and patrons, day and night. With this amount the salary costs of a carer are covered for a year.

Teacher Kindergarten


At Kikatiti, our children receive Montessori nursery education in English. With this amount the salary costs of a certified kindergarten teacher are covered for one year.

Computer education


With this amount we can maintain the computers in our computer room for a year and replace them where necessary, and we can pay for the school's internet subscription.

Water management


Clean drinking water is a challenge in Tanzania. However, we can do a lot with storing mountain water and collecting rain. This amount covers the costs of maintenance and replacement of generators and piping systems.

Remedial teacher


For children with a traumatic past it is sometimes difficult to keep up with our program without extra support. This amount is the annual salary of our 'remedial teacher'.

Maintenance buildings


Every year we spend at least this amount on maintenance of the residential and school buildings in Kikatiti and Ngorika. This concerns both recovery and preventive maintenance.