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Edina, our US ambassador

Edina Toth was born and raised in Hungary where she never truly felt like she fit in, ten years ago she made the decision to move to the United States. Edina recently graduated from Rutgers University where she received her Master’s in Labor and Employment Relations. Aside from Edina’s dedication to her career and education, she has always loved nature and staying active. Growing up she fell in love with sports and found herself playing soccer and handball at the competitive and varsity level. 
You can always find Edina outside, staying active, and enjoying her environment. 
Edina is a Certified Running Coach, Obstacle Course Racer, and currently studying to receive a certification in personal training and fitness nutrition. She believes through her passion for staying active, growing knowledge about the body and mind, she can educate, empower, and motivate people to feel strong and gain confidence in themselves.  
Recently, Edina had the honor of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, this experience has made her feel blessed for her opportunities. This was her first visit to Africa and she immediately felt overwhelmed by the beauty, culture, and most importantly the children. Edina has always had a love for children and their wellbeing, her most recent experience has drawn her close to this connection. Edina has a passion for helping others, more specifically children. She knew that during her travels to Africa she would seek local orphanages in Kikatiti to donate school supplies that she brought with her from the U.S. The children brought tears to Edina’s eyes and in this moment she decided her mission would be to educate her fellow colleagues and peers in the U.S. about a program close to her heart, Happy Watoto.
For those in the US how like to get in touch with Edina, please send her an email:

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