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By  car it is 11,000 kilometers from the Netherlands to Tanzania. We fly it in about 10 hours not including customs formalities. Fortunately, we can make contact faster by mail. Yet it is not easy to bridge the physical distance. The cultural distance is also not to be underestimated and to be honest, not much less.
Why this somewhat cumbersome introduction? To indicate how happy we are with the recently formed local NGO Board, which will act as a local supervisory board. During the October visit to our project we have installed a new NGO board, which mainly consists of Tanzanian residents. Naturally, Joyce Sagala is still a member of the board, as is Lorna Shuma. However, we also found Grace Geffi and Ndombellah Sikwattah willing to take a seat.
Grace is the director of Haradali Secondary School, an excellent high school near Ngorika. She brings a wealth of educational experience and will in particular support our new headmaster Dr Jonas in raising the quality of our school. A nice addition is that not less than seven children this year have gone from our school to Haradali!
Ndombellah is the enthusiastic director of Sibusiso, the project founded by Atty Hamer that focuses on mentally (and often physically) disabled children in Arusha and the surrounding area. Her drive and passion to bring out the best from children are impressive. We expect a lot from her contribution to the management of our homes in particular. One of her key areas of focus is to improve hygiene and thereby gain a better grip on some unpleasant infectious diseases.
With our new local management and the continuing coaching of Marion Hasselaar, we expect to be able to support the management team in their sometimes difficult tasks. Being able to rely on local people with a proven track record and a shared passion for children gives us a very good feeling. And with this we take another step towards local leadership and we hope that our involvement in the long term can be smaller.

Paul Nielen, chairman

On the photo (from left to right): Martha Jonathan, Mathew Mary Kasale, Mathew Massawe, Joyce Sagala, Paul Nielen, Jonas Michael, Ndombellah Sikwattah, Nolarip Ngungat en Grace Geffi.
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