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Africa is developing

Good news is no news. The media would instead report on wars, disasters and hunger than on a steady positive development in large parts of Africa. There is always something going on in the immense continent. From violent conflicts in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the effects of climate change in other parts of Africa. In addition, it also takes a lot of time to deal with persistent poverty.
But Africa also has countries and cities that are fully developing. Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Botswana are often mentioned. Indeed, the capitals of these countries now have modern facilities and a rapidly growing middle class for whom a better future is no longer an unreachable view. Ethiopia, the prime example of ailing Africa from the 1980s, is also undergoing enormous development. And yet we are again surprised by a failed coup attempt.
So it remains trial and error. Key is the emergence of a middle class in combination with political stability. Let us not forget that Spain and Portugal did not deal with their totalitarian past until the 1970s, so we also experienced growing pains closer to home. A middle class can only emerge if the engine of economic development,  a good education, is switched on. That is precisely where we are fully committed. And with success.
Hans Rosling, the Swedish researcher we know from the TED Talks, has demonstrated this with facts.
  • Today less than 10% of people live in extreme poverty, in 1965 that was more than half.
  • Life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa has risen from 51 to 61.
  • Child mortality has fallen by more than half since 1990.

Children who develop into economic independence enjoy a decent life, but also contribute to the development of the city, region, country and continent. This development from the bottom up is a long way, but we are boldly moving forward. Every day we see the difference that we make for a large group of children, the future of Africa.

Paul Nielen,
Chaiman Happy Watoto
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