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new phase for 11 kids

The new ( school ) year took off with an exciting new phase for 11 of our former Ngorika puils. Today they started their secondary education. Three girls have passed the rigorous entrance examination of the Henry Gogarty and have boarded the school, four other ladies have started on the nearby Duluti Secondary School. Two of the boys were placed on Tengeru Secondary School , and yet we have a 14 - year-old boy with physical disabilities housed in the adjacent Tengeru Vocational Center, where he will be trained for mechanic.
These schools have mandatory boarding as this is considered an essential part of the training and education. For 'our' (resident) children that meant they had to leave a familiar base after a period of 8 years (and in one case even 10 years). This is a big step of course, so the coming months our social workers will look them up every 14 days to see how they settle. It is also worth mentioning that seven of the neighborhood children are placed at secondary boarding schools with financial support from the community. Our support for primary education has encouraged the families to continue the educational process for their child. A wonderful boost for them and for us. We hope more families will follow suit, because unfortunately our foundation does not have the resources to take all the neighborhood kids (± 120)  to the next phase.
This next phase will bring additional financial obligations. As per 2014, in addition to an annual inflow of 14 children in Kikatiti, we also have to deal with an annual flow of about 10-15 children (13 year olds) to secondary boarding schools. These children will be our responsibility for at least four more years years (secondary and / or vocational). Therefore we will do everything possible this year to get sufficient resources to make this possible.
We have already received a commitment from a very involved donor for the education of four children for the coming five years! Fantastic course, but that we are not there yet. You can help us as well. With € 1,500 we can let one child go to secondary school for a year. Maybe something you want to consider with your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues?
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