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new Dutch donating law

As of January 1, it is no longer necessary to have your regular donation to a Dutch charity recorded by a notary. A mutual agreement with the charity is sufficient. The first agreement with one of our loyal donators has been signed. Someone who has helped our foundation for five years and wanted to re- enter such an obligation for the same period .

Would you like to take a regular donation into consideration ? With a notary fee no longer applicable, we can draw up such an agreement for smaller amounts. Condition (by Dutch tax law and applicable to Dutch residents only) is that you commit yourself for at least five years. This can be done by monthly direct debit or a bank transfer. € 25 per month adds up to € 1500 after five years, being exactly the annual school fee for one child.

Even small amounts can lead to something beautiful. More information can be found under How can you help? It would be great if more socially involved people help us in supporting 200 underprivileged children in Tanzania to a better future. Since its inception more than 2,300 children have been helped. With your support, reference and/or recommendation we can make this number grow.
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