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visit report March 2013

Jan Priester and Matti Emondts were the first to visit us in 2013 during the second week of March. The focus of their visit was meeting the local management team to talk about the next steps regarding secondary education for the first group of children to leave our primary school at the end of 2013. We have come to the unfortunate conclusion that building our own secondary school is not realistic, and thus we are looking for a good and affordable alternative. Among our thoughts are those of sending our children on to English public or technical schools with a good reputation. Fortunately, a number of such schools are relatively nearby. The local management has indicated that that they are expecting problems for the pupils moving on from our primary school during the next four years. The pupils are far behind on their peers in terms of knowledge that the chance of them passing the entrance exams for secondary education is very small. The main reason for this is the fact that this group of children have only transferred from local Swahili schools to our English education two years ago. The children leaving our school after that are most likely to move on quite easily as they have enjoyed an English education right from the start. In addition there are also children dealing with trauma who need extra attention to have a shot at a realistic opportunity at secondary education. We are now evaluation our plans to facilitate an extra class room and boarding space and supply extra supervision. If this extra care is financially feasible, we will inform you about the changes in our plans through our website as soon as possible! We are also deliberating to take on an extra social worker at the end of this year to be able to supervise the children that are eventually moving on to external boarding schools (both secondary and technical education) to the best of our ability. This person will be responsible for visiting those schools and monitor this group of children. On top of that, we want to give these children the opportunity to visit Ngorika during their vacation periods to be able to stay in touch with the matrons and other children at Ngorika, and give them the feeling that this is their ‘home’. 

The time has finally come that we have plenty of water. The water now flows from the well at Lerai to our water tanks every day, so the water problem seems to be solved! By adding a fluorine filter, this water can now be used as drinking water. However, the larger demands are sometimes fulfilled by a large truck filled with drinking water. It’s a great improvement! In the meantime, our team has been working on plans to put the ground at Lerai to an optimal use, for example, for cultivating corn and other valuable vegetables, but also to use it as an educational and sports area for the school.
During our visit we also went to see our Tanzanian accountant and lawyer together with Frank Maser, who represents our German sister organization Good Hope. The process of applying a new NGO certificate, so that we do not have to pay any import duties in the future, has been put into action by our Tanzanian connections!

It was an exciting week, filled with plenty of points of particular interest and other tasks for the board and local team to work on.

Matti Emondts, March, 2013 – Arusha
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