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visit report June 2015


From 11 to 18 June, board member Ruud Kroon and his wife Isolde visited our projects in Tanzania. Their first stop was Kikatiti. The general impression of this project, which is led by Martha, is still very favourable. The vegetable garden looks great, and is producing so much that the harvest can be shared with Ngorika. A new water well, in combination with rainwater collection, provides enough water for irrigation.

The arrival of Nolarip as manager of the house in Ngorika has resulted in noticeable improvements. Nolarip has rearranged the dormitory so that children of the same age are grouped together and things are quieter now. She is working with the matrons to provide a half hour of extra tutoring for children who are lagging behind at school, and there are regular consultations between Nolarip and the teachers regarding the progress of individual students. In addition, she has designed a talent plan aimed at motivating children to develop their talents in the areas of sport, music and creativity. As was the case in Kikatiti, Nolarip’s presence in Ngorika has had a very positive impact.

We now have 41 full-tuition school children at Ngorika primary school, which helps us to meet the school budget. Although we have still not reached the targeted number, we think that our goal of 80 full-tuition students can be reached in the future, particularly in light of the growth of the region. The vegetable garden at Lerai is less successful than in Kikatiti as a result of the many instances of flooding in recent months. The sports field is being put to good use, but there is not enough space to facilitate all children from our school on a daily basis. We have the option to expand the field and will activilt look for a sponsor to finance the costs.

Ruud and Isolde also visited the secondary schools that we send children on to. The Henry Gogarty Girls School looks good. The new sleeping accommodations which were built with the support of, among others, a Dutch foundation we work with, are now in use. The school is now building a facility for laboratories for A level students (i.e. students who may go on to university). Our children are doing well, but require some extra support in the English language in order to compensate for the difference with other children.

The housing at the boys’ school in Tengeru is not as good as it should be. With 10 to 12 children living in one small room, the situation is far from ideal. The new building, which was also funded with the help of the same affiliated foundation, will be ready this year, and this should alleviate the problem.

Together with Edward and Marjolein, they also visited other schools in Arusha, including a girls’ boarding school run by nuns. The boarding area is still being built and will be finished by the end of the year. Their first impression was favourable, and the plan is to pay another visit in in October. Edward, Nolarip and Mary (our social worker) have been asked to look for other good schools. By October we hope to have identified four potential schools, at different levels, so that the board can visit them. These would be alternative schools that children from Ngorika could attend if they do not meet the strict entrance requirements of Gogarty and Tengeru. In January 2016, sixteen boarding students and four sponsored day school children who live at home will be ready for secondary school. It is our objective to find secondary schools places for the sponsored children as well. However, in financial terms, this does present a challenge!

Ruud Kroon,Rheden, 21 June

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