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Elise Lufting
I've been thinking for a while about how I could describe in a few words my time in Tanzania, but there is simply too much! It was the most life changing and inspiring experience of my life. The people were great and the kids I worked with unforgettable. In the months that I have been there, I really could contribute. The only thing I did not like to Tanzania was to leave!
Elise Lufting, volunteer in 2008
Susanne Giebson
From my own experience I can say that it was very rewarding for me to contribute to the development and habits as a volunteer in a for me new country. Contrary to want one expect, I received much more than I gave. There are many small things that make the work of a volunteer a success and may well change your life (positive). In any case, my time in Tanzania was unforgettable. Since my return I have enjoyed working as coordinator for the foundation and I am very happy to support all future applications and working with volunteers.
Susanne Giebson, volunteer in 2011
Kim Pul
Polepole Kim (go slowly Kim), is what people often said to me at Ngorika, but I usually wanted go 'rakaraka' (fast). There was so much to do and organise during the three and a half months I spent In Tanzania working as a volunteer for the foundation. Together with Matthew, Walter, the patrons and matrons, and the rest of the Happy Watoto team, we had to find the right work tempo and the best form of cooperation to get Ngorika up and running. It was a wonderful, educational, and to some extent transformational experience. Kim Pul, volunteer in 2011


In order to create job opportunities and encourage the involvement of the local population, our policy is to work only with local people. However, we welcome volunteers who have specific expertise that is not sufficiently available in Tanzania.

For example, we are looking for students/teachers who can help us set up a sports, culture and creative arts programme. Susanne Giebson, who was one of our volunteers in 2011, coordinates all applications on behalf of the foundation.

If you are interested in becoming active in our foundation in Tanzania, have the necessary expertise and feel you fit the profile outlined below, than do send us an English-language motivation letter, a copy of your CV and a recent photograph to susanne@good-hope-centre.de


The kind of expertise we are looking for includes the following:
  • Teachers who have experience dealing with traumatised children, or children who have a learning disability or behavioural problems.
  • Social workers with relevant experience in child psychology, multicultural social issues, communications and family counselling, medical issues, school development planning, etc.
  • Professional caregivers who are prepared to work closely with our social team to improve the care and education of the children, taking local values into account.
  • Professional experience in the areas of reward and punishment programmes, sex education, physical fitness, anti-bullying protocols and dealing with traumatic experiences (family rejection, sexual abuse, mental disability of a parent, etc.).
  • Teachers for sports, games, creative subjects, and music as part of an extensive school curriculum, and after-school activities for the age categories 3-6 and 7-12.
  • English teachers for children, but also for personnel, in order to encourage our teachers, managers and other personnel to improve their English.


The ideal profile of a volunteer is as follows:
  • Age 21 years or older.
  • Has specific skills that have an added value for our organisation.
  • Will not carry out volunteer work that could be done by Tanzanian employees.
  • Has a good command of the English language.
  • Would ideally be accompanied by another volunteer so that living and work experiences can be shared and free time spent together.
  • Is available for a period of three months (for the sake of the continuity of the project and to ensure a stable environment or the children).
  • Can pay for the flight and work permit themselves (± $500). The foundation provides living space, and the volunteer can eat with the residents. The volunteer is asked to contribute €2 per day for this.
  • Is prepared to observe strict rules regarding the use of alcohol (not allowed on the premises) and smoking (only allowed outside, and not in the presence of children).