een veilige plek waar ze kind kunnen zijn

shared leadership

I'm Mathew Karau Massawe, managing director supervising Ngorika school, finance, transport and Lerai. I would like to express my gratitude for being appointed in this position. It is great to show my commitment and experience of working with Happy Watoto for more than a decade. Being the managing director at the mentioned departments I am working to the best of my capability so that things can happen as stated below.
  • Ngorika School – It is a new task on supervision since when I was employed. Knowing the importance of education and the motto of Happy Watoto which says, developing individual talents for a better common future, I and my colleague(s) we are willing to make sure that the school is performing well in all aspects. For the moment, staffs are organizing themselves in a positive moral so that children can get standard education as per curriculum, good discipline, good health, talented sports skill etc.
  • Lerai garden – Good preparation has made the garden to nourish. Green vegetables are obtained in the garden since January up to date. No more costs are spent for buying green vegetables. Our aim is to produce what can be in the garden. Evaluation of the production will be known at the mid and end of the year.
  • Transport - Daily routines are performed as per schedule.
  • Finance – The department is working in accordingly to make satisfaction of planned activities.
All mentioned I could not succeed without a good co-operation with my fellow managing director (Nolarip) who supervises Kikatiti & Ngorika centers, social department and volunteers. Most of the time we plan, advise and act together. We are almost approaching three months in this position. Evaluating ourselves, we have seen some progress in all aspects. Minor challenges like adopting new system from our staff are getting rid day after day.Both of us we are conscious of responsibilities demarcation. We don’t interfere each other section. When one among us is not present then the colleague is assisting and well informs what has happened. All in all we are dedicating and committing ourselves for the betterment of privileged children and organization as a whole.
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