een veilige plek waar ze kind kunnen zijn

my time at Happy Watoto

My name is Irene Elipokea, 22 years old and the first  born in my family out of three children. The second born is Evalyne and the last one is Godlisten, who is at school in Enaboishu secondary. We are all sponsored by Happy Watoto.

I joined  Happy Watoto in Kikatiti in 2005 when I was in 10 years old. I went to Chem Chem primary school near Kikatiti Happy Watoto from 2005-2009, which is a government school. I enjoyed my time at Happy Watoto because I could go to school every morning and back home in afternoon. At Happy Watoto I've learned a lot: not only things like improvement of the English language and school performance (how to perform well in class, exam etc.), but also discipline and respect for one another.

After primary school, I went to Enaboishu secondary school (form one) for four years (2010-2013). This is a private school, with a good academic performance. After that I went to Moshi Cooperative College. I was there from 2014-2017 to get a Diploma in Accounting and Cooperative Management. I like to become an Accountant. Here I learned how to cooperate with people and business issues.

After graduation, I returned to Happy Watoto for some working experience, assisting Mathew (Happy Watoto's finance manager). I’m proud to be here because I've learned and gained a lot of things. It is good to put in pratice the things I've learned at college, but I wish to get more education to improve my competance. I’m proud to be around my young brothers and sisters from Happy Watoto and happy to see them studying hard. I wish them success in their life and hope they will become Doctor, Pilot, Accountant, Teacher or Manager one day. May God from heaven Bless Happy Watoto and all of us.
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