een veilige plek waar ze kind kunnen zijn

ex Kikatiti Irene Peter

In February this year I came to Happy Watoto as a volunteer. I was very happy to work with the children because I am a former pupil who benefitted from being at Kikatiti from 2005 until 2008, when I went to secondary school, where I graduated in 2012. After school I went to the college of community development for gender and children. I was a leader in my college, being a minister of education in my second year, and then being selected as a speaker of parliament in our college. I graduated in 2016 with an overall certificate of excellent. I then got some experience in the field in other organisations near to college. I must thank Happy Watoto because without them I could not have achieved this goal. 
I decided to apply  to work with the children of Happy Watoto as a volunteer, although at the moment I am look for permanent employment because I have no parents and my grandparents are old. I’m now helping children with reading, working with the great teachers at Ngorika. I’m also cooperating with the managers, matrons and patrons and parents, in order to make sure our children are good physically, psychologically and emotionally, in order they can do their best in their studies. I’m also doing counselling for HIV class on Wednesday's, and on Saturday I talk to the children about how they are doing and checking their exercise books. I’m also teaching them to keep their materials in a safe way and give them a really good example, as I was previously a Happy Watoto child, so I can show them that they must study hard, because I also come from a poor family, and Happy Watoto helped me to reach my goal. I also help them to develop self-consciousness, and counsel them during the holidays with a home visit. At the weekend I talk to them, make stories with them, play together, sing and remind them of the diligent study and care of their possessions and the environment too. I also visit secondary schools to understand their progress. Many know me because I left Happy Watoto as a young person, so they are very happy to see me and are happy to read and work hard so that they can reach their goals like me.
Thank you very much for allowing me to be at Happy Watoto and to share my life with you. God bless you.
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