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school study tour

The study tours this year were very wonderful. Trips were conducted for one week from Pre- unit to Class 7 whereby four groups were formed according to classes’ level.
  • Club D Play Ground: Friday 20 July 2018, Pre- unit pupils (27) and 3 staffs were very happy to play at the ground located at Moshono in Arusha town. The beautiful and colorful ground is surrounded by different games such as helicopter game, horse game, cars game, sliding game, merry go round  game, jumping castle and so many others. Pupils served delicious food; fried chicken chips, soda, water, popcorn and sweets. They all enjoyed very much.
  •  Arusha National Park: It was Saturday 21 July 2018 where 63 pupils of class I and II and 8 staffs enjoyed their study tour by visiting the park. They saw different animals feeding themselves in open areas; those were buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, bushbucks, warthogs and elephants. They were also lucky to see birds such as flamingoes, crowned cranes and water ducks at Lake Momella. White Colobus monkeys were seen on higher trees around Ngurdoto crater.  Children had marvelous and palatable lunch at pick point adjacent to small lake Momella where they ate chips, roasted banana, fried chicken and fruits, they also drink soda, juice and water. Herewith are attached photos taken on that day.
  • Tarangire National Park: It was Tuesday 24 July 2018 where 76 pupils of class III and IV and 10 staffs enjoyed their study tour by visiting the park. They enjoyed seeing different animals, birds and unique trees like wildebeest, zebra, impalas, male and female ostriches , the biggest elephants of all the Tanzania Parks, poachers’ baobab tree, lions, ants hill, monkeys and others. All enjoyed their lunch. The menue of the day were chips, roasted chicken, fried beef, fruits and enough drinks. 
  • Ngorongoro Crater: The trip conducted for two days which involved three classes.  These are 5, 6 and 7 in total were 103 pupils together with 15 staffs. On 25 July 2018, the tour participants left at Ngorika at 4.15pm and arrived in  Karatu a small town nearby Ngorongoro crater safely. The tour participants adjourned and spent a night at Karatu where the following day the journey resumed to Ngorongoro crater main office. The hired special truck to the crater was ready waiting the passengers.  Pupils were divided into two groups as per capacity of the crater bus. The two groups spent 4 hours each in the crater touring and gaming. Tourists were able to see giant animals and bird(s)  like lions, rhinos, hippos, buffaloes, ostriches etc. It was an enjoyable day seeing such fantastic animals and birds that most of the tourists have never seen before. Pupils wrote sorts of notes from the tour guide and tour driver as they could stop to some point for explanations about animals and birds life style. Some of the pupils took photos to show their relatives when back home. Children enjoyed eating and drinking varieties of foods and drinks. The journey back to Ngorika started in the evening and arrived in Arusha at 10:30pm on the same day.  Photos are inserted showing how a very nice tour that cannot be forgettable. Pupils, teaching and non teaching staffs enjoyed the tour.  They found it so educative. It is our plea that we should continue with study tours comes next year because it is allocated in the syllabus and it makes what pupils learnt into class to be practiced in reality.
Thanks a lot for your kind support!
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