een veilige plek waar ze kind kunnen zijn

'keeping them connected'

Since 2010 we started an initiative of joining children of Happy Watoto Homes to any of their available relatives for the purposes of keeping them connected. The initiative has worked so well and we have managed to connect more than 95% of the homes children to a relative whom they can visit during their holidays. The primary goal of this initiative is to keep the children connected to the society where they originate from and also to keep them aware of where they have to live after their lives at Happy Watoto.

During the exercise of connecting the children to their relatives and guardians we realized that there was a challenge facing our homes children when they went back home. The challenge is that formerly at the homes we didn’t emphasize on children performing domestic chores. That means our boys and girls grew and went out of the homes without any skills in the kitchen, in the gardens, going shopping, looking after cows, fetching water etc; which are basic and important skills which any African child will learn from their parents and guardians. We got reports from our children’s relatives and guardians that children from Happy Watoto have a negative attitude towards these normal daily domestic chores. We couldn’t blame the guardians for complaining nor the children for having such an attitude.

We all at Happy Watoto recognized the need to teach the children how to do these chores right from the Happy Watoto Homes. This year we have therefore initiated a program whereby the children go to the vegetable gardens and tend to the crops; they even have their own portions which they take care of and compete on who are the best in this part. We have also started introducing the bigger children to cooking of simple meals under the supervision of their matrons and patrons and the kitchen staff and they truly enjoy doing this. See attached pictures with the children doing the various activities learning different domestic chores and skills.

Edward Mwololo, directeur Ngorika
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